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Booking flights

How I book my flights and find the cheapest and best options available.

If you are travelling international, the best time to book your flights is around 5 to 6 months in advance, or domestic 2 to 3 weeks before to get the cheapest prices. Unless you know of any upcoming sales that an airline or travel company has during the year...but it also depends on where you are flying and the airlines that fly there.

In Australia, the World Travel Expo is a perfect time to book your flights and even accommodation as there are some incredible specials! Air New Zealand generally have the best discounts at the Travel Expo as well as Virgin Australia. The Expo is usually on early in the year around February but they also have one around EOFY in June.

I always use Skyscanner for searching the best flights available and which days have the cheapest fares.

Make sure when you're booking your flights to check your connecting flights and stopover times. You don't want to be stuck in an airport too long nor do you want to have a quick stopover that doesn't allow you enough time to catch your next flight.

It's also look for what your flight includes such as checked luggage and carry on, in flight entertainment and food, snacks and drinks. On long international flights you can expect to have all the above included but on some smaller flights you may have to pay extra or they simply don't have it. Once you know then you can plan your flight and ensure you have everything with you so you have an enjoyable flight.

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