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Catching the Canadian sunshine

Updated: May 10, 2019

How we managed to enjoy snow & sunshine in the Canadian Rockies without the expensive 'peak time' costs!

Maligne Canyon, Canada

When first initially looking at booking a trip in Canada, I was shocked at some of the costs. I did lots of researching and also worked out exactly what we wanted to do in Canada. My fiance and I decided we'd love to see the famous turquoise coloured lakes, enjoy some hiking but also would love to see some snow and be able to build a snowman! Which then lead me to researching their seasons and areas of Canada where you can find snow nearly all year round.

Spring time is from March to May and Summer from June to August/September. The costs for a lot of accommodation and activities in Summer are nearly triple the costs during Winter and Spring!

With this info in mind we decided it would be best for us to visit in May/June. So glad we did, it turned out to be the perfect timing as we got to enjoy the best of both seasons! An amazing website I discovered which gave me all kinds of tips and ideas was

Our accommodation was different

Now, Canada is a big country! How we're we going to get to and from all these amazing places we wanted to visit without it costing a fortune? They have their famous trains which you can travel from Vancouver to Toronto on or you could hire a car. Both these options turned out to be really pricey. The car not so much but when you add in costs for multiple hotels, b & b's etc. it all added up.

So what was our solution? We hired an RV! idea ever!

Being from Australia, RV's are not common, so it originally never crossed my mind. But after much research, RV's are an extremely popular way to travel in Canada. I found this website which has all different types of RV rentals. It was a much more affordable price, could choose the size/type of vehicle to whatever suits you and taa daa, you have your home on wheels wherever you go! We found it was the best way to truly explore Canada's beautiful landscapes and tourist attractions. Was great to be able to just pull over, make some lunch, pop on our hiking shoes and off we go.

We travelled around 2500kms from Vancouver up to Jasper, back down through the national parks including Banff, down through Hope and back to Vancouver. The weather was excellent, most days were around 15-25 degrees, we had 1 day of rain and 1 day when it snowed which was incredible for us to experience (never snows back home!).

We enjoyed it so much we would do it again for sure. Just having the freedom to explore, visit the places you want and take our time to take it all in and enjoy the stunning mountain views! So definitely recommend travelling towards the end of Spring if you want to experience the best of both worlds without the extra peak time costs! :)

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