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5 ways to increase your Instagram engagement

1. Hashtags

Do some research on different hashtags in your niche. Look for hashtags that are unique and haven't got millions of tags. You might think that for example #travel would be great to use as it has millions of uses, but in fact it's not great to use. The reason why this is, is because there is so many images being posted at the same time as yours, it will be shoved down the list in a matter of seconds meaning that people viewing #travel will be less likely to see your post. Aim for hashtags with less than 50k uses. I mainly try to use hashtags with around 10k posts.

2. Caption

People love a caption they can relate to and that has meaning. These days people are more likely to follow you for being REAL. Share a story that has happened to you that people wouldn't know, tell them about what you have been working on lately, hard times or good times, people like to relate. Motivational quotes with some personal relation are also a great way to engage other people and help motivate them as well.

3. Bio

In your profiles bio, it should explain who you are, what you do and how you can help your target audience. It's also great to include your website link or a link to your blog or youtube channel. Keep your bio short, sharp and shiny. Using a few emojis can help as well to draw the eye of your audience, but choose your emojis to match colours or be complementary to your profiles overall colours.

4. Stories

Try to post on your stories daily. Show your audience some of your business life, behind the scenes and some personal info. This will once again help your audience to relate to you even more. A great way to get people to engage with your stories is using polls, questions or slider bars, people will feel like they are being a part of your life and helping you with their own values or opinions.

5. Engage with your audience

Don't forget to give back! Reply to comments on your posts with more than just an emoji, make them feel like their comment is valued. Click on your used hashtags and engage with other posts in the same niche, comment on peoples posts using their name so they know it has been personally written to them and make your comment approx 5 words or more. And of course, share the love! Like a bunch of peoples images and at least 1 comment on 1 of their posts so you stand out, a follow is always great if you are generally interested in their page.

Want to learn more about building your social media following? Check out my "Work with me" page to access social media and online business training.

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