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What to take on an international plane flight.

You're going to be high in the sky for hours and hours and hours! To make it as comfortable and relaxed as you can I recommend taking a few of these things.

Flying is probably something most people dred about holidays or the reason why they don't travel at all. I used to be worried when I needed to fly somewhere but now I've come to love it!

Travelling in a plane is safer than driving your car or riding your motorbike to work!

Yep, it's true. Flying is the safest form of travel. Does that help your nerves a little? The odds of you dying in a car accident are far more likely than being in a plane crash.

I enjoying flying, I get such a great feeling when I'm high up in the air, away from everything down on land, it's just you and the sky! It's so fascinating and beautiful to seeing clouds up close and seeing land so far below.

Things I always take with me

Neck pillow, headphones, tablet or laptop, power bank, eye mask, jumper, compression socks, water, lip balm, hand/face wipes, sanitiser, universal power point adaptor.

My favourite neck pillows and eye masks are from Typo. Super comfy memory foam pillow with a hood. Perfect! & elastic eye masks, they fit nicely and have some cute patterns and styles!

Electronic stuff. I always have my phone with me of course, but I bring my laptop, headphones and power bank. Most international flights have in flight entertainment now days which is great, but for the flights that don't I use my laptop for movies, or doing work etc. Some flights will provide you with headphones but not all of them. Also because yours will be much better quality! I take my power bank just in case! Most planes have usb ports and chargers in the seats but sometime they don't.

I take a jumper as plane air cons can get really cold! Most airlines provide you with a blanket but I've been on some where they don't or you have to pay. I also take lip balm as I often get dry lips from air conditioners. Compression socks are great for swelling or if you get RLS, restless legs syndrome. I suffer from RLS all year round whether I'm flying or not. Compression socks help keep the blood flow flowing in your legs, prevent swelling and provide comfort.

Face and hand wipes are for 2 reasons. One being to just refresh yourself and make yourself feel cleaner when you've been flying for many hours. The longest flight I've been on is 15hrs and just wiping your face makes a great difference! The other reason is to wipe down your arm rests and fold down tray table. These don't get cleaned between flights! And you are going to be touching and using these many times during your flight. Sanitiser is also for this reason. You can purchase small travel sanitisers in most supermarkets, chemists and usually in airports.

Something else handy in general for all flights is to have a separate travel wallet. This can hold your passport, tickets, itinerary, currency card and ID. This is really helpful as you will be needing to show your passport and tickets a few times throughout the airport before you even get to boarding the plane. It's easier than having to search through your backpack every time for each item. I purchased mine from Typo as well.

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